Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I know what size I wear?

We have a size chart on the website and a body diagram with designated areas that you insert your measurements.  We will calculate your size from the numbers.

  • How do I take care of my new clothes?

 We provide washing instructions with your order and they are as follows;

Close all hook and loop openings. You may use a mesh lingerie bag if you would like. Wash clothing in cold water and dry on Permanent Press setting or they may be line dried if you choose.

  • Can I get my clothing customized?

Yes, we have customized options listed on our website, as well as an area for you to enter your particular needs.  These garments may take additional time depending on the extent of customization. 

  • What color closures do you use?

 We have an different colored hook and loop closures and we try to closely match the color of fabric as we possibly can.

  • What is the largest size you make?

We can make any size clothing needed as we try to accommodate all individuals.  Price may vary with larger sizes.

  • How long will it take me to get my clothing?

 We try to have a quick turn around time and it depends on whether you ordered customization or a standard item.  However, a delivery time will be given to you when your order is made.

  • Can I get fabric samples?

Yes, just email a request along with your mailing address to Customerservice@Angelsfamily.net.